Lumcloon and Shannonbridge 200MW BESS

Lumcloon 100MW BESS and Shannonbridge 100MW BESS are our landmark projects.  This 200MW portfolio entered operation in early 2021.

These BESS projects utilise high-power batteries to provide System Services to suit the Irish power system needs, under the DS3 System Service programme.

The projects were developed in collaboration with South Korean conglomerate Hanwha Energy Corporation, who bring a wealth of experience and expertise in the deployment and operation of BESS.

The BESS is providing System Services to the power system, which are required by the System Operator to enhance the management of the transmission grid, to ultimately increase the stability and improve the reliability of the electricity supply to consumers.

BESS is a highly effective and efficient source of System Services to the power system, offering high availability with minimal down-time for maintenance outages.  The System Services provided by our ESS assist the System Operator in realising its operational goal for System Non-Synchronous Penetration (SNSP) and achieving the targets for electricity demand to be met by renewables.

Construction Phase

  • Project Sponsors: Hanwha Energy Corporation, Lumcloon Energy
  • Project Capacity: 200MW
  • Project Cost: €150 million
  • Market: DS3 System Services (frequency response/containment)
  • EPC: Hanwha Energy Corporation Ireland
  • Design and Build Contractor: Duggan Brothers with Suir Engineering, Malachy Walsh and Partners
  • Owners Engineer: Jennings O’Donovan & Partners with Enerjec
  • Construction Commencement: 01/10/2019
  • Construction Completion: 31/12/2020

Site Locations

Lumcloon Project Site

Located on the site of the former ESB Ferbane 90MW power station which operated from 1957 and was decommissioned and demolished in 2003, the new 100MW BESS plant will be in keeping with the heritage and tradition of power generation in the area, albeit with modern technology, reflecting the evolution of the power industry through the years.

Shannonbridge Project Site

Our site at Shannonbridge is a greenfield site adjacent to the Shannonbridge 220kV transmission station and is near ESB’s West Offaly Power, a 150MW peat-fired power station and Bord na Mona’s associated fuel handling plant, which replaced the former ESB Shannonbridge 125MW power station.  The new 100MW ESS plant will expand the power industry in Shannonbridge.




Commercial Operation of 2x 100 MW BESS to provide DS3 System Services


Commencement of BESS construction on two sites



A partnership with Hanwha Energy Corporation was formed

Grid Connection

Grid Connection was modified to accept construction of BESS


Land Purchased

Shannonbridge site was purchased

Planning Granted

Planning permission for BESS granted



Research on energy storage commences

Connection Offer

Secured Gate 3 Grid Connection Offer from EirGrid


Planning for CCGT

First planning permission for a modular CCGT run on natural gas to replace peat

Successful Tender

Successful tender won for Lumcloon site, former ESB Ferbane Peat Station



Lumcloon Energy Limited was founded