Shannonbridge B Hybrid

Lumcloon Energy is now developing the second phase of the Shannonbridge project. Phase two involves a hybrid of energy storage technologies. 

In this phase, a combination of a Synchronous Condenser and a Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) are employed. The Synchronous Condenser technology involves a generator linked to a flywheel and possess the capacity to store energy. This stored energy can be harnessed to mitigate frequency variations and enhance grid stability. Furthermore, the Battery Energy Storage System is equipped to store surplus renewable energy and release it as needed. This dual technology approach aims to enhance the dependability of renewable energy sources. For instance, during periods of low wind activity, the BESS can accumulate and later provide 160MWh of stored energy.

Construction Phase

  • Project Sponsors: Hanwha Energy Corporation, Lumcloon Energy
  • Project Capacity: 63.2MW
  • Equipment: Siemens Energy Ltd.
  • Design and Build Contractor:
  • Owners Engineer: Fichtner Consulting Engineers Ltd.
  • Construction Commencement:
  • Construction Completion:

Site Location

Shannonbridge B Hybrid Project Site

Our site at Shannonbridge is nearby the 220kV Shannonbridge transmission station.